About the artist


I’ve always talked about vintage reimagined jewelry as a way for us to continue to wear beautiful pieces from the past — continue the narrative. Beautiful jewelry should not stay hidden in a box—it’s meant to be worn and enjoyed, although it may need a slight makeover to fit the modern lifestyle.


Kelley is a Berkeley artist inspired by love of vintage jewelry. In the recent past, her work has been showcased at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco.

Kelley’s jewelry fuses the style and sensibility of the modern wearer with the intricate detail and one-of-a-kind magic of vintage designs.

All pieces available are assured to be unique stand out pieces.

Her line of jewelry offers two options:

One-of-a-kind vintage pieces restored by hand to beauty and repurposed with the modern wearer in mind,

New designs of her own creation cast in limited edition in either 18ct or 22ct gold.

Contact Kelley at kelleyhollis@yahoo.com.