Art Deco Cuff Buckle

Kelley Hollis Jewelry

$ 245.00

This Art Deco Cuff is simply stunning. The history on this piece is amazing. Hand crafted by Ralf Policini in the 1940s, in sterling silver with 22ct gold wash. This piece has been beautifully cared and is in impeccable condition. All of Policini’s designs were unique and crafted by the artisan. He was famed for Art Deco designs. 

Polcini was a goldsmith from Italy who immigrated to America in 1911 to start his business in the US.  Polcini’s jewelry was marked “Ledo” for “Leading Jewelry Mabufacturing Company” beginning in the 1940s. 

This cuff has an Art Deco buckle shape, with Art Deco lines along the band. 2” at widest point. Well balanced and beautifully accommodates small wrist.

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